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Salle de spectacle de l'espace Malraux à Chambéry

Espace Malraux in Chambéry is preparing to reopen

May 19 will be a salvation for all professionals in the world of culture and for all fans of theaters, cinemas, museums … Performance venues can be reopened with a maximum of 800 people, As announced last week by the government. At Espace Malraux in Chambéry, we already have a presentation scheduled for May 19 and Mary Pia’s office, principal Already preparing for the next few months.

France Bleu Pays de Savoie: Can we say, the business is reviving?

Mary Pia’s office: Yes, and we are very pleased to re-open, hoping that the occupants of perilous theaters for the time being will not hinder the reopening. But it is time to start over because There is general wear and tear of people Who’ve been ready for months: Actors rehearse, performances created without an audience. Il ya des gens qui manquent d’emploi et puis il était temps de relancer la machine parce qu’il ya des productions nouvelles, des productions anciennes qui n’ont pas pu se jouer, tout cela fait une sorte d’engorgement et it is not It is clear.

On May 19, rooms can reopen with a maximum of 800 seats. How much space is available in Espace Malraux?

We have 935 but we’re waiting for the rules. These 800 are a maximum gauge but we still have safety distances to respect. We may initially be at the threshold of 35%..

After these months of closure, in which economic situation is Espace Malraux today?

Not so bad because Our grant has been preserved. We had a solidarity effect, that is, a guarantee that everyone was paid. We compensated the people and saved our production costs, so it’s okay for now. On the other hand, the situation will be complicated to recover because there will be big problems, Some companies ask for help And they are really in trouble.

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Will you have to make choices for future programming? Between companies and offers?

We realized we were in 120 postponements and that we were headed towards seasons that no longer involved new projects. This is not desirable for the macroeconomics of trade. Mostly tech firms live as they are created. With some companies, whose shows have been going on for a while, we decided instead not to resume but to be involved in new productions.