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Espace Apollo, 2 additional cinemas for Mazamet

Espace Apollo, 2 additional cinemas for Mazamet

Accessibility for people with disabilities, and the development of two cinemas, the Apollo space is undergoing a transformation in this new cultural season.

As the Apollo space prepares to open the 29th cultural season of music with a concert by La Bande Apollo on Friday 9 September (from 7pm), work continues on the ground floor. This includes the development of two additional cinemas in place of the exhibition space. Until then Damien Katala, Director of SASU Clap 81, has run two cinemas (one with 155 seats and one with 320 seats, used with the cultural landscape). When a cinema wants to show a film nationally, film distributors charge the exhibitor a minimum number of screening sessions (12 to 14) during the first two weeks. With only two theaters available, the director of the Apollo Cinemas explained that he received many rejections due to films released nationally or that he was forced to wait several weeks before acquiring a movie. “These two additional halls (60 and 55 seats) will allow the cinema operator to get films for the national release more quickly…”

“Art and Essay” program

“… will also be able to provide moviegoers with a program of “Art and Essay” films, David Vuitt, Director of Apollo Space Administration, who is responsible for managing the buildings on behalf of the Custer Mazamite conglomerate community, explains. The amount of work is 800,000 euros, funded by the district, administration and urban community Castres Mazamet. Given the progress made on the construction site, these two rooms should be up and running at the end of autumn to delight fans of the seventh art. In addition, a new space dedicated to exhibitions will be created at the reception point. Work has also been carried out for the accessibility of persons with disabilities to facilitate access to the entire building from the public areas. The media library is also being renewed. On September 30, from 8:30 p.m., Flavi Chauvin’s play “Couture” will be shown at the Apollo Theater by the company “En course de route”. The first show of the Mazametan cultural season, whose programs end next June.

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