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Eric Belanger would be willing to give up up to $7 million to Martin Necas

Eric Belanger would be willing to give up up to $7 million to Martin Necas

I summed it up here recently, but the Hurricanes will be one of the busiest teams this summer. They will have many files to solve, such as the Jesperi Kotkaniemi (redemption?) file, Jake Guentzel, and also the Martin Necas file.

He will soon be a restricted free agent, but we feel his time in Carolina is coming to an end. It all started with Elliott Friedman, who confirmed that the club would not give the player the amount he wanted, and his father added fuel to the fire by saying that his son wanted to trade him.

Should Kent Hughes get involved then? Yes! Eric Belanger has the same opinion and is ready to give him up to seven million dollars. This is what he said on BPM Sports yesterday.

Belanger was accompanied by Martin Lemay and Steve Begin and the latter did not seem to really agree with their college statements.

However, Necas has 71 points in the 2022-23 season and is only 25 years old. It will fit perfectly with what Al-Kindi wants to build, according to him. The Czech is a top 6 winger, already established and would not be a project for Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook. No, he won't be an addition to Artemi Panarin during the rebuild, but let's just say getting him will speed up the process.

And if Kent Hughes could have gotten him before the draft, he would have found his striker and no longer been “forced” to draft a striker with the fifth overall pick… even if that was his preference.

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Because we know Kayden Lindstrom and Ivan Demidov can be interesting, but the chances of them being drafted when the two Canadians come on the scene are high.

Would the Montreal GM prefer to get him in a trade or make him a hostile offer? And if via trade, could the fifth overall pick be involved? Remember, last year, Montreal turned down good deals for their fifth pick overall.

Yaroslav Askarov was pitched against the pick that eventually became David Reinbacher… I still think the difference between the Hurricanes winger and the 2024 fifth pick (depending on whether Lindstrom and Demidov are available), as well as Askarov and the 2023 pick is greater.


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– A wonderful atmosphere in both worlds.

– Minnesota win.

– Canada is behind the Oilers.

– A painful defeat against the worst team in the Majors.