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England nationalizes the railways

TransPennine Express, which operates several rail sections in the north of England and the south of Scotland, will be placed under government supervision when its contract expires on May 28. Tony Miles

The TransPennine Express, which runs across the north of England, has been placed under government oversight after repeated cancellations and delays.

A traveler looking to travel by train from Leeds to Liverpool on Friday has no choice. A single link connects the two cities with a change of around seven hours in Manchester. However, they are separated by only 115 kilometers. Transpennine Express, the company that operates this section, as well as many routes between cities in northern England and southern Scotland, are notorious for poor service.

Transport Minister Mark Harper announced on Thursday that the company, which is owned by London Stock Exchange-listed First Group, will go into government custody when its contract expires on May 28. Its management will be taken over by the Transport Department’s Operator of Last Resort, which will step in when a train operator is unable to fulfill its duties. Since the beginning of 2022, the TransPennine Express has been really struggling. In January and February, 24% of its trains…

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