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La reine Elizabeth a décliné le prix d’aînée de l’année que voulait lui remettre un magazine spécial seniors britannique, estimant qu’on «a l’âge que l’on ressent».

England – Elizabeth II rejects senior award because she considers herself too young


At age 95, the British sovereign politely but firmly refused, wanting to give her a magazine for the elderly, believing that she had not met the criteria.

Queen Elizabeth rejected the Senior Award of the Year, which a special British senior magazine wanted to give her, saying, “We are at the age of feeling.”


“We are at the age of perception”: Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has declined the award given to the elderly by a British newspaper because she believes she has not met the criteria, the release on Tuesday, “The Oldie”.

The magazine, which claims to be a “light” alternative to “maniacal on youth and celebrities”, proposed to present Buckingham Palace with the “Oldie of the Year” (“Former of the Year”) prize. Sovereignty, on the throne for almost seven decades.

He released a letter of rejection sent from Castle, Scotland on Tuesday 21 August, where the Queen spends the summer, and is signed by her Deputy Private Secretary Tom Ling-Baker.

“His greatness is that he thinks we have the age to feel, so he doesn’t think we meet the criteria we accept,” it points out.

Elizabeth II has recently participated in a number of public events, despite speculation about her return after spending a series of imprisonment at Windsor Castle near London and after her husband Philip died in April.

Last week I was able to see her walking in public with a cane, which is the first time since 2004.

Prince Philip accepted the award in 2011

Philip, who died in April at the age of 99, received the “Old of the Year” award in 2011 for his 90th birthday.

The Duke of Edinburgh wrote, “There is nothing better than determination than to be reminded that as the years go by, the old corpse begins to crumble and fall.” “But it’s already fun to remember.”


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