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Encouraging decision for the federation

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When the Federation announced a Profitable Financial Statement for 2021 (This has not happened since 2017), the Australian Federation announced its results for the previous year.

The news is good for the Southern Hemisphere country as its loss has been reduced to 3 million euros (A $ 4.5 million). A promising estimate after 2020, marked by Kovit-19 and a mandatory reduction in the cost of Australian rugby, is estimated at over 20 million euros (A $ 30 million).

As Australian rugby captain Hamish McLennan explained, the loss reduction was possible through match broadcasting and sponsorship.

“We have seen extraordinary growth throughout the business, from the community to our TV viewers, contributing to our goal of encouraging all Australians to enjoy our best global game.”


The Australian Federation has announced financial results for the 2021 financial year.
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