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[EN VIDÉO] Goalkeeper being attacked by his supporters

[EN VIDÉO] Goalkeeper being attacked by his supporters

The Melbourne City goalkeeper was injured in a brawl after fans of his team and Melbourne City stormed the pitch, causing the A-League summit match on Saturday to be suspended.

As they had planned before the game to protest the league’s decision to play the next three grand slam finals in Sydney, dozens of fans of both teams stormed the pitch in the 20th minute match.

But this supposedly peaceful demonstration turned out badly. A few minutes before that, a luminous flame had already fallen behind the photographer.

As soon as he got to the lawn, the supporters of “Victory” rushed at Tom Glover, the goalkeeper of “City”, after he sent a torch in their direction. Someone then threw a metal bucket at Glover’s head, injuring him.

The crowd movement continued, forcing the match to come to a permanent halt.

“Tom Glover is receiving medical treatment in the dressing room and it is possible that he has a concussion,” Melbourne City wrote on Twitter, supporting images of his player’s bloodied face.

According to the Football Association of Australia, match referee Alex King was also injured. But she gave no other details.

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