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[EN PHOTOS] Little goat with long ears ignites social networks

[EN PHOTOS] Little goat with long ears ignites social networks

The tiny goat with unusually long ears has become a social media star in Pakistan, with its owner claiming to have broken a record that may not even exist.

Simba now lives a spoiled life in Karachi, where he was born last month. Since his birth is particularly long, his ears have grown even more since then, reaching 54 centimeters.

Educator Muhammed Hassan Narijo says he called the book Guinness World Records To see if his son can cope. And that, although the “longest ear of a goat” category does not currently appear on the organization’s website.

“Barely 10 to 12 days after his birth, he was already appearing in the national and international media and winning a beauty contest,” said Mr. Narijo proudly.

He claimed that “after 30 days, it became so popular that it would take 25-30 years for a celebrity to achieve the same fame”.

Simba’s ears are so elongated that Mr. Narijo had to bend them on his back to prevent the little animal from stepping on them.

He also designed a strap so this baby could put his ears around his neck.

Mr. Narejo is now a little concerned about the attention Simba is getting, including from competing breeders. He turns to prayers and traditions for protection from their potential displeasure.

He explained: “We recite verses from the Qur’an and blow into them to ward off the evil eye.”

“According to a long tradition that we inherited from our elders, we tied around it a black thread fortified with verses from the Qur’an.”

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He now intends to take care of Simba like a purebred breed, to promote Pakistan as a great goat-breeding country.