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[EN IMAGES] Grand National Holiday Show: A Great Tribute to Quebec City

[EN IMAGES] Grand National Holiday Show: A Great Tribute to Quebec City

There was something to be proud of being a Quebecer by watching the big spectacle of the national holiday on TV Thursday night. The 2021 edition of our collective anniversary “party” was impressive, unified, open to all kinds of diversity, and full of emotion.

The organization promised one of the most luxurious performances in the history of National Day. It wasn’t a lie. Six animateurs, plus de 200 artist participants, des discours inspirés, des chansons parfois loin des lieux communs et… une mer de drapeaux bleus et blancs s’agitant un peu partout, au pied et autour de la jolie scène conçue de passées between them. it was amazing.

Lots of flags!

Absent last year, we saw a lot, Venus, this year. It stood upright, of a hundred copies, before the Manoir Richelieu de Charlevoix. He even wore masks of dancers in white and in the hands of Youppi, the Canadian mascot, who wore his official jacket in the Bell Center stands! We also stole the show’s flag when Mario Belchat, who emotionally introduced “My People” to Gilles Vignolet, passed by.

Of course, we mentioned from the start the difficulties of last year’s restrictions and set the tone for the evening with “It’s good to see each other”, by Fiore Seguin, initiated by Charlotte Cardin and Louis-Jean Cormier. “We’ll have a ‘party, you promised,'” he declared, before the balloons began to fly in the voice of Robert Charlebois and “Only Violent (Chu Tani)”.

see Quebec

We saw so many Quebecers that we celebrated this grandiose show. In the inaugural figure, a speech of national pride by Kim Thuy, Mayleen Beckett, Fabrice Vail, Daniel Boucher, Drs. Stanley Volant and Janet Bertrand, declaring their love for La Belle County by talking about the turmoil that has been transcended, and the union that makes our strength, freedom, diversity and equality, punctuated by images Alexandra Strelsky, Gregory Charles and Pierre Lapointe playing the piano “Negies” by Andre Gagnon, respectively on a cliff in the Magdalene Islands, on the waterfront in Gaspeze and in front of the famous red-roofed hotel in Tadoussac.

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Soon, in “Loin de la ville”, pictures of people and corners from all over Quebec were shown at high speed. Videos of happy Quebecers opening their doors wide “Chez nous” by Danielle Boucher.

Damien Ropitail danced near a plane at Saint Hubert Airport, Vincent Vallier stuck himself on the edge of the Saint Laurent River in Montreal, and Genevieve Godwin camped in Baie Saint Paul. Cœur de pirate played the song “Les eboulements” from the latest instrumental album “Perséides” on the commune of the same name.

All good excuses were, on the evening of June 24, for a Quebec to look at herself in the mirror and to get excited about her own reflection. There was often so much to see that it was hard to know where to look.

Musical variety

We divided the meeting into themes (“It Feels Good,” “Bubble Release,” “Travel,” “Song Boxes,” “Fighting Storms,” etc.), musical pearls of all eras. , from a “musical” among many others” from Harmonium to “Nomads”, from Samian, including “Dors Caroline” by Johanne Blouin, Vilain Pingouin, Les Trois Accords, Loco Locass, Marie-Mai, Martin Léon and a number of others .

Cirque Éloize artists were juggling and spinning their collars. Visual artists showcased their expertise during performances by decorating fences. The ‘National Margo’ was lowered by helicopter – a vehicle that fits a rock better than a limousine! -, for an “illegal” sketch, and we saw in the archive Gilles Vignolet a young man jumping while we “swinguait” at his “Everyone’s Unhappy” celebration. Even the always daring Pierre Lapointe took his liberty to take us back to the time of Christmas with his engaging book What We Already Know.

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Finally, the great deceased Raymond Levesque, Serge Bouchard, Michel Louvain, and 11,195 souls from our region who became stars as a result of COVID have received touching gestures.

We’ll be able to re-watch the Big Scene of the National Girl, Saturday 26th June, at 9pm, on Télé-Québec.

It is also presented in catch-up mode on the various platforms of the major networks: TVA + (, et, and