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[EN IMAGES] 'Blue Spaces' to celebrate our 'heroes'

[EN IMAGES] ‘Blue Spaces’ to celebrate our ‘heroes’

After the Blue Basket to encourage local buying, make way for “Blue Spaces,” a new network of cultural venues and museums that will be headquartered in Quebec City and in which the Legault government will invest $259 million.

Most of these new cultural spaces will be housed in heritage buildings, such as the Camille-Roy Pavilion at the Séminaire de Québec, where the head of the network will be housed.

Image courtesy, Government of Quebec

The development of the “blue” space in these heritage buildings will also become an opportunity to rehabilitate them. Some new buildings will also be built.

Image courtesy, Government of Quebec

The primary vocation of these places of culture and history will be to honor “everything that makes us proud,” in short Prime Minister François Legault.

  • Listen to Anais Gerten Lacroix’s column on QUB Radio:

It means “our successes” and “our heroes,” as he explains in a promotional video featuring Quebec personalities such as Jeannette Renaud, Bruni Sorin, Magali Leibin-Blondo, Marie Laberge and Riccardo Troggi.

Image courtesy, Government of Quebec

one for each area

The goal is to make each space, in each district, a new “must-have” tourist and cultural destination, where there will also be a café serving local products and a multifunctional room.

Discussions are already underway to target, throughout Quebec, the best places to set up without harming existing institutions.

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“We will have to stick to the blue space for each region,” warned Mr. Legault.

But an exception is already emerging in Capitale-Nationale: TVA Nouvelles recently reported that the city of Baie-Saint-Paul accepted a $310,000 purchase promise from the government to create a blue space at the former Petites Abbey. Franciscan Mary.

Image courtesy, Government of Quebec

The largest in Quebec

The blue space of Quebec, which is twice the size of other spaces, will benefit from an investment of $48 million and an operating budget of $4.4 million annually.

Quebec City will contribute $2.5 million towards the “Maison des sciences” project long cherished by Mayor Régis Labeaume.

“Young people are going to fail. They will be talking to each other and they will all want to attend,” predicted Mr. Labom, during the announcement alongside the Prime Minister.

“We will return to the same location as the first museum in Canada,” confirmed Stephane Laroche, P.-D. G of the Musée de la Civilization, which will be responsible for designing exhibitions in each space.

The Minister of Culture, Natalie Roy, hopes to welcome the first visitors in the fall of 2022 to the Espace bleu in Capitale-Nationale.

On the Montreal side, the possibility of contemplating Blue Space in the former Saint-Sulpice Library is not excluded.

Blue spaces in a nutshell

  • A new network of cultural and museum spaces
  • Most of them will be in heritage buildings
  • The Network President will be based in the Camille-Roy Pavilion at the Séminaire de Québec
  • Assignment: To celebrate and tell the story of the heroes of each region
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Each space will include:

  • permanent exhibition
  • temporary exhibition
  • Multifunctional room
  • Administrative room
  • Café displaying local products