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Employment returns to pre-pandemic level in Canada

Employment returns to pre-pandemic level in Canada

Employment returned to the country’s pre-pandemic level in September, thanks to the creation of 157,000 jobs (+0.8 points). This is the fourth consecutive increase in several months.

The unemployment rate was also 6.9% across Canada, down 0.2 points.

In Quebec, where the word “shortage” has appeared in many conversations, the unemployment rate fell 0.1 point in September to 5.7%.

The federal agency noted, Friday, when disclosing the latest data, “Employment in Quebec increased by 31,000 (+0.7%) in September after maintaining in July and August, when the latest data was revealed.

This brings the number of workers in La Belle County to 4.32 million people. That’s a turnaround from last January, when Quebec was mired in new strict measures, including curfews; Nearly 100,000 jobs had been lost by that time.

“The most visible increases were observed in manufacturing, followed by professional, scientific and technical services,” she added. The unemployment rate in September was 5.7%. In the Montreal CMA, employment changed little in September after declining 29,000 (-1.3%) in August. The CMA Quebec City recorded the lowest unemployment rate (4.1%) of all CMAs in Canada in September.”

For its part, the Institute of Statistics Quebec (ISQ) noted that “employment in September 2021 has increased by 791,900 since May 2020, which is equivalent to nearly 96% of the 825,900 jobs lost between February and April 2020.”

ISQ also takes into account that employment in Quebec increased by 182,400 during the first nine months of the year, compared to 2020.

“The increase was mainly observed in full-time employment (+142,400, compared to +39,900 for part-time employment).”

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Statistics Canada reported that the employment of women aged 25-54, the main working age group, increased by 49,000 (+0.8%) compared to February 2020, before the pandemic began in the country. For men of prime age, recruitment was similar to February 2020, as noted.

dominate Manitoba

Only Manitoba fares better than Quebec, where the unemployment rate is 5.6%, down 0.1 point. In Ontario, the unemployment rate was 7.3% (-0.3 points).

In several counties, the unemployment rate rose in September, in particular due to the imposition – or resumption of – health measures linked to the resurgence of the coronavirus disease. Some provinces have also mandated passport vaccination, such as Quebec from September 1.

Unemployment rate in Canada for September 2021:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 13.1% (+1.0 points)
  • Prince Edward Island 11.3% (+0.7 points)
  • New Brunswick: 9.3% (stable)
  • Alberta: 8.1% (+0.2 points)
  • Nova Scotia: 8.0% (+0.2 points)
  • Ontario: 7.3% (-0.3 points)
  • Saskatchewan: 6.3% (-0.7 points)
  • British Columbia: 5.9% (-0.3 points)
  • Quebec: 5.7% (-0.1 points)
  • Manitoba: 5.6% (-0.1 point)
  • Canadian average: 6.9% (-0.2 points)

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