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Emmanuel Macron and Rishi Sunak stage France-UK “renewed deal”

After years of disagreements over Brexit, the time has come for a reunion between France and the UK. President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Richie Chung worked to launch a program at the Elysee Palace on Friday, March 10. “New Beginning”In the words of the Chief Minister, A “Revised Agreement” The second step is to turn the page on many of the frictions that have arisen since London left the European Union (EU) and then because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Between two forties, former investment bankers, current passes. Rugby match between France-England teams yesterday Saturday MM. Macron and Chung exchanged the jerseys of the two national teams to signify that they will be playing on the same ground again, leaving it to the athletes to battle it out in a spirit of healthy competition. “The relationship has its difficulties, and I’m not just talking about the World Cup”Rishi Sunak recognized the relationship between Paris and London at least until the summer of 2022 with a disdainful vengeance in his British way.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, often opportunistically, multiplied his French commitment to better rally his Brexit delegation, threatening to send the Royal Navy against some fishing boats around the island of Jersey. In September 2021, Mr. Johnson negotiated.

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Chance of the Calendar, Mr. Sunak is due to outline the terms of the deal during a visit to the US early next week, along with US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. But this Friday seemed to be closed — or, at least, put on hold.

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“Thank you my friend”British Prime Minister Mr. Launched to the press after his talks with Macron, just before his brief decree, Emmanuel Macron did not want to say if he was one, as his predecessor was to decide with Lis Truss. “friend” or either “enemy” From the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak’s pragmatism and apparent willingness to cooperate was much appreciated in Paris and helped usher in a “new chapter” between the two capitals. At the end of February, the British government concluded an agreement with the European Commission’s “Windsor Framework” to implement agreed arrangements for Northern Ireland in the context of Brexit.

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