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Emma Watson, great return to 'Green Carpet'

Emma Watson, great return to ‘Green Carpet’

Emma Watson appeared on the green carpet for the Earthsuit Awards in London on Sunday.

It has been several months since she appeared in public. great discreet, Emma Watson He returned with photographers’ lenses on Sunday 17 October 2021 in London. The 31-year-old actress was among the handpicked guests to attend the opening ceremony of the Earthshot Award, an environmental award designed to “promote change and help fix our planet for the next 10 years.” Created by Prince William and Kate Middleton through the Royal Foundation, it aims to turn the current pessimism surrounding environmental issues into optimism. For this, it depends on the ability of human ingenuity to bring about changes, by encouraging teamwork.” We read on the official website.

owns : William and Kate attend the first edition of the Earthshot Award

Known for her commitment to the environment, Emma Watson has been promoting ethical fashion, sustainable development and responsible consumption for several years, naturally accepting the Cambridge invitation. For her appearance on the “green carpet”, the British actress chose an Oxfam outfit that revealed her bare back, which consisted of an asymmetric white dress and black pants. There, the star of the films “Harry Potter” and “Daughters of Dr. Marsh” met other characters, including singer Ed Sheeran.

Over ten years ago, Emma Watson launched its People Tree brand capsule collection. At the time, the actress had already expressed her attraction to fair trade and sustainable development. For several years, she has also been promoting the Good on You project, an app that allows consumers to check information on a brand’s ecological footprint, its respect for animals and the working conditions it enforces.

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