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Emily reveals part of Tristan’s intimate life on Love Island

Emily reveals part of Tristan’s intimate life on Love Island

Bickering lovers were introduced at Love Island settles its scores this year.

The finalist girls and boys were isolated to watch episodes of the third season of Love Island. They met for the first time while filming the special.

This led to many exciting moments, particularly between Cedric and Bianca….and Kim, who stayed in Quebec before returning to the Dominican Republic to “settle scores.” Pictures of the intimate night between her and Cedric give a new perspective on the situation, and many of the islanders apologize to her when they thought she imagined an abnormal relationship between Cedric and her. Obviously, she had every reason to believe that the young man loved her.

We were also surprised by Enya’s reaction, who seemed very moved by what she saw on the radio programmes. After several minutes without speaking, she finally says that it was her words that Kevin said towards some of the islanders at the beginning of the season that hurt her (especially when he mentioned that Enya is like his “girlfriend” and Kim, his “lover”). Note, however, that all is forgiven and the couple are now completely happy. They also told us that Kevin’s cat passed on to Enya: that’s a commitment!

They also told us that they were surprised at how little screen time they were given. See what they have to say here.

The most awkward moment was definitely the confrontation between Emily and Tristan, who hadn’t seen each other since their heartbreaking breakup, when Tristan returned alone from Casa Amor and Emily chose a new partner (Victor).

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to Love Island settles its scores, the young woman suggests that Tristan “have fun” with Daphne when he returns to Quebec. The latter, who was placed below the wall, had no other choice but to admit his capricious actions. Obviously, the reconciliation between Emily and Tristan, which many people had been hoping for, is not going to happen.

Although in the show it was hinted that Laurie and Hugo had known for a week that they were the winners of the 2023 edition, they recently told us that the truth is very different. Learn more here.

You can watch À L’île de l’amour as she settles her score now on