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Emily Biggin and Guillaume Lemay Thieferge: "We cried with laughter!"

Emily Biggin and Guillaume Lemay Thieferge: “We cried with laughter!”

A year ago, when TVA was about to air If we like each otherEmily Baejin and Clouds LeMay Thieferge told us that by watching episodes of the docu series, they were almost “angry with themselves” when they saw Mary Yves and Jonathan at life-size in the Middle Ages.

At the time of our interview, we thought they were thick, but after a few weeks, when we saw the uncomfortable sequences they described to us, we realized that they weren’t exaggerating anything. This is why this year, when we hear the couple talk about a yoga session with such enthusiasm, we are already salivating too much. “We cried with laughter! Emily Begin shouts. When I think about it, I’m still not comfortable!”

Returning to the second season that fans of reality shows of this kind have been waiting with impatience, If we like each other We will be immersed in the world of three single people bent on breaking their romantic behavior: Brigitte, a 53-year-old mom who loves to ride bikes, Sebastian, a 35-year-old singer who has never been in a relationship, and clouds, a 31-year-old athlete who should learn Communicate better.

During their adventure, they’ll take advantage of the advice of Louise Seguin, a sex therapist and relationship support expert. As for Emily Biggin and Guillaume LeMay Theverge, they will be monitoring and commenting on their journey.

The first says: “We experienced strong emotions.” Last year, I didn’t cry. But this year, I was affected. She collapsed during a conversation between one of the participants and his parents. “

Few changes have been made to the presentation format designed by author Anne Boyer (YamaskaAnd the The blue hour) In collaboration with Quebecor Content. Louise Seguin’s approach to the principle of dualities is always illustrated: dependency or dependency, integrative or solitary, rational or emotional, active or dreamy, fast or slow

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Despite everything, viewers will not be under the impression that they are hearing the same things again, as confirmed by Emily Biggin and Guillaume Lemay Thieferge.

“They are three completely different candidates,” the actor explains. We are in another place. They come with their own color. “

« The occupation is doubleAnd the VoiceAnd the star Academy… they’re fun shows because they’re not superfluous, the singer adds. Once there is a new world, that changes. It is the same with our offer. “

And according to them, the 2021 coffe for the participants is more fun than 2020.

“I was afraid to be more conservative, but on the contrary!” Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge says the opposite is true. They are very open and generous. It looks like there is no “Kodak”! They don’t have a filter. Sometimes I wanted to Telling them: “You know you’re being photographed right now, right?” Because they say really personal things. But they realize that they have to give themselves completely to be able to walk.

If we like each other However, it has undergone a transformation that can be described as an aesthetic. In addition to Emily Bégin’s wardrobe and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge (who will change their looks every week), the decor has been revamped.

Tandem interventions are now recorded in downtown Montreal, on the fourth floor of a small apartment building located in the heart of a somewhat shady part of Saint Catherine Quest. The key stakeholders realized this last winter, when they decided to spend the night there between two big days of filming. By typing the address into Google to satisfy their curiosity and know the value of the place, they discovered that the apartment above had been used for a photograph Run away (Damien’s famous loft), but above all, some murders happened there.

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Needless to say, they slept poorly.

“Bitch got us!” Yells Emily Beijing. All the noise of the ventilation and the elevators freaked us out! “

► TVA presents the second season of If we like each other From Monday to Thursday at 7 pm

Louise Seguin

QMI’s photo, Joel LeMay

Louise Seguin

Filming a reality show about love in the midst of a pandemic poses many challenges, especially when reconciliations are prohibited. However, according to sex therapist Louise Seguin, the health measures did not affect the participants’ experience If we like each other.

“Yes, COVID does impose a distance. But since I have always called on people to wait ten meetings before moving into private sessions, this supports the teaching method.

He forces them to talk, to develop a method of seduction that does not focus on touch. “