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Elvis Presidency | Annie Laroche has a head start

It shouldn’t take long for a successor to Mario Cecchini to be appointed as President of the Alouette Council, and it looks like the nomination of Annie Laroche has already begun.

Pierre Carl Pelado says he has already identified the candidates. He is looking for someone with experience in the “trade”. In this case, the trade is experience in professional sports, preferably football.

The desired person must also have a “talent for marketing”, states Pierre-Carl Pelado. The person chosen must also have a good relationship with the owner of the club.

Well aware of the reputation that follows him, which he described on Friday as “exaggerated,” Pierre-Carl Pelado has made sure to specify that he gets along well with the world and his collaborators “when you engage in a joint venture that leads to success.”

Annie Laroche is currently Vice President of Operations for the Montreal Alliance, an elite Canadian basketball league franchise, and knows the Alouettes well, having worked for the organization for 25 years in various capacities.

When asked at a press conference about this candidacy, Pierre-Carl Pelado answered with a big smile to the journalist who asked the question that he was a “visionary”.

It was not possible to talk to him on Friday. the day before, however, Journalism I spoke with her to get her reaction to the rumors she had already sent the Alouettes presidency. “It’s very interesting,” she said, adding that she had not received any calls.

Other names dot the backstage in the team’s entourage. Soon, Eric Lapointe, who was managed by the former Alouettes, surfaced. He showed a marked interest in buying the team with partners a few years back.


Eric Lapointe

Now a founding partner at Invicta Family Office, Pierre-Carl Pelado congratulated Friday in a message posted on LinkedIn. “For the first time in MTL Alouettes’ long and storied history, we finally have the opportunity to be able to rely on a local owner for the means of his ambitions.”

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join JournalismEric Lapointe says he has never been approached for the position over the years and hasn’t “really thought about it”.

“I hadn’t sold my business yet when we shared the file in 2019,” he explains.

“It’s still funny that you would ask me that question,” he adds, “because I was talking Friday morning with my good friend Danny Macciosia… and we were talking more about the running backs training site for fun!”

The name of Luke Brodeur Jordan, the offensive line coach with the Alouettes and former player of the team from 2009 to 2019, is also heard by the plants. The person who turns 40 next week studied business administration at Université Laval during his years with Rouge et Or. And he’s a very good communicator, who definitely has the profile for the job. However, his lack of experience at the company level could hurt him in the near future.

The name of former Alouettes president Larry Smith also came to the ears of the representative Journalism repeatedly. For a short-term mandate and to bring the Montreal community together, perhaps.