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Elon Musk mocks Zuckerberg’s virtual reality glasses, ‘They’ll ruin your eyesight’

CEO Tesla And SpaceX, Elon Musk He mocked the CEO’s new VR product Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that the Metaverse doesn’t sound very convincing. In an interview with the conservative satirical website Babylon bee Mardi musk He said Facebook’s metaverse concept, which was first introduced in October and focuses on augmented virtual reality (VR) experiences, was more hype than guaranteed.

musk The helmets used while participating in the Metaverse were described as uncomfortable and that ” We do not necessarily have the impression that this is the answer ». musk He also said he didn’t see the point of the Metaverse, saying: ” I don’t see someone who puts a dirty screen on their face all day and doesn’t want to leave.” “That just sounds like a buzzword ‘, announced musk. « It will ruin your eyesight, huh! And now you literally have a TV on your face. Is this good for you? asked the richest man in the world.

Web3 Tech

Zuckerberg He publicly introduced his company’s VR product for the first time Horizon workrooms in August on CNBS this morning ». Zuckerberg He described it as the next generation of the Internet. ” So you can think of it as, rather than being an internet that we watch, right, on our cell phones or computer screens, it’s an internet that we’re a part of, or we can be in “, He said Zuckerberg.

discuss other internet trends, musk He also commented on a technology concept called Web3. It is an idea that hopes to decentralize the internet to empower individual users through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Supporters of Web3 believe that it can reduce the power and influence of tech giants such as dead And google browser.

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Neuralink will be able to immerse you in virtual reality.

on Web3, musk He said it seemed Marketing more than reality ». Elon Musk Who founded the neurotechnology company Neuralink, which is developing implantable brain chips, believes they offer a more complex future. ” In the long run, the advanced Neuralink will be able to completely immerse you in virtual reality. I guess we’re far from disappearing into the metaverse, which is kind of a fad ‘, he did not say.