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Elon Musk: After the car and space, here he is to defeat the humanoid robot

Elon Musk: After the car and space, here he is to defeat the humanoid robot

If there is one thing that distinguishes brilliant entrepreneur Elon Musk, it is his ability to always innovate in promising sectors. Having created (in particular) PayPal, SpaceX and then finally Tesla and Hyperloop, the latter surprises us once again with his last idea: Create a robot. Again, will this change our daily lives as it has with previous successes? Could…

Tesla Bot: Elon Musk’s Robot

The expensive billionaire himself says: the Tesla Bot will be “a robot made by humans, for humans.” So it is a robot that exists to help us in our daily lives. So let’s see the technical details of this device:

  • Its length is 1 m 76
  • Weigh 56 kg
  • The whole body is white while the head and shoulders are black
  • It travels at a maximum speed of 8 km/h
  • It can carry up to 70kg
  • He can go up and down stairs and also open the door if necessary

In short, you will understand, Tesla Bot will provide details to get as close as possible to what a human can do…a little more as not everyone can carry nearly 70 kg as they like. Dans tous les cas, si vous connaissez bien Elon Musk et Tesla, nul doute que l’entreprise americaine ira jusqu’au bout de son idée et que l’on verra peu à peu des Tesla Bot un peu partout… Mais, pour faire Furthermore it ?

What would it be to use a Tesla Bot on a daily basis?

This is where we can ask ourselves the question: What is the use of a robot like the Tesla Bot in our daily lives? The first thing is that He will surely replace humans to accomplish difficult tasks As one can be in the corporate world. In fact, we can easily imagine a Tesla Bot carrying crates, or any other heavy object, day and night! As you can imagine, the bot does not need to sleep, rest or even ask for paid vacation! No, just charge it at regular intervals, and it will do its job without asking for anything else…

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Another area in which these Tesla bots are more than a valuable help is the dependent side. In fact, the latter is not always able to perform certain tasks, such as carrying groceries or even getting up on its own … Thus, one can imagine having one or two Tesla Bots for each retirement home or hospital center. These will be invaluable on a daily basis to carry out certain tasksThus, the nursing staff is exempted.

Anyway, whether we’re talking about a Tesla Bot or some other robot (because other companies are working on it, like Boston Dynamics for example), we’re at the beginning of a new era: the arrival of robots in our daily lives. Moreover, if artificial intelligence is developing more and more…it is also to help this type of project develop. In short, we will see the development in a few years…or should we rather say the revolution?