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Elizabeth Rio confirms what many feared

Elizabeth Rio confirms what many feared

On a trip to Hawaii for the next Hoaka set, Elizabeth took time to answer questions about her love life.

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First in the post, then in Stories Elizabeth Rio finally addressed the rumors regarding her romantic status and her relationship with Christo.

Elizabeth’s announcement is as follows.

“I guess I hate to tell you this, I’ve been trying to clear things up for the past few weeks without having to make an official announcement, but I’m completely at peace with that decision. From now on it’s just me, Dobby, Christo and I on a very good relationship, hopefully we’ll grow We are both on our side and that’s all I have to say, there won’t be much time to talk about it.I’m at peace with this decision and feel good about it, I wanted to make it clear because I’ve been getting the question several times a day for a long time and I know you’ve been following our story for that I understand you’re curious..don’t worry about us, we both are still happy, but everyone is on our side! I am grateful that life brought us together at the right time, we can both grow so much from this relationship, we have been through things and can help each other, I have always considered him our guardian angel and always will. “

Remember that the mother, influencer and businesswoman has cut short her planned stay in Costa Rica with Cristo’s family, citing rumors about him, and we still do not know her nature. She then went to her grandparents in Miami before coming to formally settle down at her home in Blanville with her daughter Wolfie.

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Elizabeth also addresses the comments she receives and reads regarding the situation by rejecting bad languages. She points out that she did not anticipate this situation and that the inappropriate comments of others regarding all this add unnecessary weight and are harmful.

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Now that the situation has been clarified, Elizabeth wants to move on.

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