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Elizabeth II, young in her head, refuses to award a top prize

Elizabeth II, young in her head, refuses to award a top prize

“We’re at the age we feel,” The Oldie said on Tuesday: Queen Elizabeth II, 95, was rejected an award for seniors by a British magazine because it believed it did not meet the criteria.

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This magazine, which claims a “lightweight” alternative to “young and celebrity-obsessed” journalism, revealed that it had proposed that Buckingham Palace present its “Oldy of the Year” (“first of the year”) award to the sovereign on the throne for nearly seven decades.

On Tuesday, the refusal letter sent on August 21 from Scottish Balmoral Castle, where the Queen is spending the summer at its end, was published and signed by her deputy private secretary Tom Laing Baker.

It is pointed out that “His Majesty believes that we have the age that we feel, and therefore we do not believe that we meet the standards that must be accepted.”

After spending successive restraints at Windsor Castle near London and despite speculation about her husband Philip’s withdrawal in April, Elizabeth II has recently been involved in several public engagements.

Last week, she was seen walking in public with a cane, for the first time since 2004.

Philip, who died in April at age 99, was awarded the 2011 Oldie of the Year, marking his 90th birthday.

“There is nothing better for morale than being reminded that the years pass and the old corpse begins to crumble,” the Duke of Edinburgh, famous for his sometimes not-so-diplomatic sense of humor, then wrote in his thank-you letter. “But it’s really good to remember.”

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