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Elizabeth Bloen Brathwaite celebrates her second son's birthday [PHOTOS]

Elizabeth Bloen Brathwaite celebrates her second son’s birthday [PHOTOS]

Elizabeth Bloen Brathwaite celebrate, weekend the last, son’s second birthday William. The proud mom posted several photos from the party on her Instagram page.

“Happy birthday my angel, my mother adores you as big as the sky”

10,000,0001 gift, friends, laughter, unicorn face painting for little princesses, boat for teens, adorable cake, golden lover, our families, happy mother and happy little prince. Thank you to everyone who participated in this dream kids party. Happy birthday my angel, mom adores you the size of the sky. 🤍🎂🥳 #William2ans ‘You could read the caption under the post.

Last November, we learned that Elizabeth Bleuen-Brathwaite is no longer on your mind. In fact, the singer is showered with love by a country singer Stephen Levac. He himself confirmed the news on the channel hit the country.

Last September, Levac released a music video for the song, because you are the most beautiful And Elizabeth Bloen-Brathwaite is one of the stars in it. The song can be found on Steven Levac’s latest EP. Furthermore, in this EP, the mother performs back singing And this is how the duo is said to have moved their relationship from friendship to love.

Remember that in an interview with the magazine 7 daysLast October, Stephen LeVak announced that he and Elizabeth are just friends. ” Over the past year, we have rapidly developed a great bond. Elizabeth appears in the music video for my song, Car tu es la plus belle, and we want to keep working together “.

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Then he noticed that last year the proud mother celebrated the birthday of her son William I. The beauty shared several photos to highlight the event while they were radiant. For the occasion, Elizabeth paired two mini quilts that are not without reminding us of the good old days, the time of her first album, which was a French-language homage to Disney.