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Elisapie Isaac plays a leading role on the big screen

Elisapie Isaac plays a leading role on the big screen

It’s in the first feature film of CS Roy, authorized VFC, that we will be able to see singer-songwriter Inuk Elizabeth Isaac His first role was in the cinema. The movie is produced by CS Roy and Stephanie MorissetteThe duo of producers behind the excellent Quebec horror movie hunger.

The movie was shot in Montreal and in the Eastern Townships, in April 2021, and it is Etienne LuAnd the Matthew CapoyAnd the Justin Laramie As well as the newcomer Ambika Sharma that complete the distribution.

VFC It tells the story of a music cognitive researcher (Elisabee Isaac), who, little by little, develops a rare type of mylophobia after suffering from intact Stendhal syndrome. Realizing the disturbing behavioral changes her co-workers experienced after listening to the same piece of music, she decides to run away to find a hiding place where the music is absent.

The first revealed photo does not leave you indifferent!

Credit: Minelli Kamemura / LMDP Co

This horror film will offer an augmented reality experience to first-time viewers in Quebec. Let us explain to you: When we watch the movie in theaters, we will hear a piece of music and music.” Character, created in real time from [nos] Biometric data through an EEG (electroencephalogram) headset and headphones We have to admit that we are very curious to try it out and can’t wait for the project to hit our theaters more!

Film sound designer Olivier CalvertAnd the which he worked on among others Accessand get out of VFC It is scheduled for 2022.

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