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Eliminate the awakening of the Democratic Party

Eliminate the awakening of the Democratic Party

In the United States, as here, the wakefulness movement is causing a reaction. The expression isn’t new, and issues haven’t been identified, but since the advent of Black Lives Matter, we’ve never stopped measuring the benefits, shortcomings, and impacts of this movement’s manifestation.

Most often, adherents of the movement are associated with progressive politicians associated with the Democratic Party. The affinity is so obvious that Republicans have no difficulty associating them effectively with their constituents.

Because we often do not care about the nuances, the grievances of some extremists in this movement are increasingly putting the Democratic Party on the defensive.

While Democrats have long embraced the fight against discrimination and racism, the tendency of many Awakened people to want ban and censorship often leads to extreme reactions. Rightly or wrongly, the party is now presented as prone to sentimentality, morality, and too categorical in the judgment of a large portion of the American electorate.

Since Eric Adams’ victory in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York, many party members have questioned whether it is necessary to quickly curb the rising influence of the Awakening within the political formation.

Adams, a former New York Police Department captain, led a campaign that focused on the interests and safety of blue-collar workers and moderate voters. With him, we are a hundred leagues from the cherished “defend the police” motto on waking. Instead, Adams, a black candidate, will consolidate NYPD budgets to ensure the safety of his citizens.

The victory of the former police captain, both by target agents and by privileged subjects, is an additional indication of the Democratic Party’s need to maintain a balance between its well-earned and educated elite and the demands of the often neglected working class.

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Whether it’s the midterm elections in 2022 or the presidential election of 2024, Democratic strategists are faced with smart calculations to determine how far we can slide to the left of the political spectrum. In this respect, waking up represents a particularly high risk factor.

Democrats control both Houses and the Presidency. Since Joe Biden entered the White House, he has been able to satisfy various factions in his training, but the presence and influence of Awakening complicates matters a lot for him. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that he wants us to help him in this aspect.

Accepting or encouraging wake-up rhetoric could doom the Democratic formation to defeat in 2022. This movement, allied and distinct from the progressive wing, allows Republican opponents to stage their attacks and distance themselves from the realities or fears of the average voter. Whether waking up is right or not has nothing to do with the electoral plan alone, they are a burden to the Democratic Party.