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Elena Gates-Chernin is one of Australia's most prestigious composers

Elena Gates-Chernin is one of Australia’s most prestigious composers

Elena Gates-Chern is one of Australia’s most prestigious composers, although she was born in Tashkent, in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan.

Gates-Chern continued his first music studies in Moscow, moving with his family to Australia, where he continued his training, ending in Hanover with Helmut Lachsenman. He stayed in Germany for fifteen years before returning to Australia, where he began composing chamber operas and ballet and orchestral music, film music and piano concerts. He is currently the composer of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Here is Eliman Gates Chernin’s room work: According to Anna Magdalena’s book, this is a score set by the Australian String Quartet. The composer explains that he was interested in non-romantic, dry, clean and mild sounds, and this is what J.S. Bach, the wife, came up with the idea of ​​going to the source of the little book Anna Magdalena Bach, the mother’s second wife. , But singer and musician. Elena Gates Chern rewrote the content of this book in a new light.

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