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electrical conversion | Jaguar Land Rover is reorganizing its brands and changing its name

Jaguar Land Rover Group has announced that it is re-branding and changing its name in an effort to signal a break with the arrival of all-new electric models.

Thus, Jaguar Land Rover simply became the JLR. Jaguar is still a brand in its own right, while Land Rover is divided into three brands: Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover. Thus we want to cultivate the ‘unique’ character of each of these brands and undoubtedly reduce the confusion associated with their name. All of this is backed by an investment of £15 billion (25 billion treasure) over the next five years which will ensure, among other things, that the car assembly plant in Merseyside and the engine production plant in Wolverhampton transition to electricity.

It also heralds the arrival of the first electric Range Rover, which is scheduled for the end of the year. JLR says a new mid-size electric SUV is also in the works for the 2025 model year.

Elsewhere, a second electric model from Jaguar is in development for its unveiling this year. It was determined that it would be the most powerful in the history of the English brand and would have a range of 700 km, presumably on the European measurement cycle. In pure Jaguar tradition, it would be a great touring saloon. Transmission Jaguar should do a lot of good if everything is organized effectively.