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Election 2020: Three Trump allies indicted in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has joined the list of states that have accused Donald Trump or his allies of participating in an attempt to submit false voter rolls in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. Objectives Two lawyers and an aide to the former president who advised the latter on a meeting of Wisconsin Republicans who claimed to be the state's 2020 electors, even though Trump lost the state.

Cowell, who was elected to office under the Democratic banner, said that lawyers Kenneth Chessboro (photo) and James Troupis, as well as Councilman Mike Roman, will face forgery charges. Chessboro and Roman were also charged in Georgia, one of the other states along with Arizona, Michigan and Nevada where Trump and his allies have been accused of fabricating false voter rolls or other alleged crimes.

Since we are talking about Georgia, let us note that the Court of Appeals in this state announced on Monday that it will hear on October 4 Donald Trump’s appeal regarding the investigating judge’s refusal to disqualify Fulton County Prosecutor Fanny Willis due to his romantic relationship. A relationship with one of his subordinates.

This date means that the Georgia trial will not begin until after the presidential election on November 5.

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