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Eight people were killed in a shooting at three massage studios

IIn the US state of Georgia, eight people were shot dead in three massage parlors. Police believe all three attacks in the Greater Atlanta area were carried out by the same perpetrator. The background of the actions was not initially clear. One suspect has been arrested. Federal police intervened in the FBI investigation.

Four people were killed in the first attack near the city of Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, police said. Two more were injured. Shortly afterwards, police said the shooting took place at two nearby massage studios in Atlanta. Four people were shot.

After evaluating the video footage, a police spokesman for the AFP news agency said the same shooter was “most likely” behind all three attacks. The suspect was arrested after the car was chased. This is a 21 year old white man. He has been in custody since that evening.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, six of the eight dead were of Asian descent. An employee of the South Korean consulate in Atlanta said four of the victims were Korean citizens.

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