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Eid Comedy: No Mercy by Laurent Paquin

Eid Comedy: No Mercy by Laurent Paquin

Pushing Lauren Paquin’s head? Suppose several guests at the well-cooked comic book Friday night at the Capitol decide to settle their scores with their grumpy friend.

During what was the last of the four big, well-cooked comedies! Fest, after guests Mike Ward, Liz Dion, and B.

After seeing him laugh to tears several times, rest assured, he passed the test.

Laurent Paquin, inevitably comes up with food and wholesale jokes. It was impossible to miss and host Stephane Russo, eager to encounter the elephant in the room, brilliantly cleared the topic in a pun-filled opening monologue, how shall I say…delicious.

Like many toasters for the night, Stephane Russo, who was snappy with anyone who set foot on stage, had things in his heart. It was a trip to New York where he had to reluctantly go shopping for Hawaiian shirts and musicals. Sixteen in all. “I will be doing an animation this evening to make up for my flight.”

Sylvain Larroque, the bald one, complained equally that he continued to imitate him, but the palm of the most ferocious anger goes to Rita Baga.

Rita Baga is angry

“Laurent Paquin, you idiot,” Rita Baja frankly told him, and reprimanded him for getting the only role. Dragon Queen Interesting in twenty years when he played La duchesse de Langeais in Tomorrow morning, Montreal is waiting for me.

Even a young seven-year-old actor, named Matisse, came to tell him his four truths.

PA Méthot, for his part, questioned Acton Vale High School’s decision to honor its illustrious compatriot by giving his name to the performance hall.

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“I’m sure they didn’t waver between the hall and the gym.”


The first weekend of ComediHa! The well-cooked meals were clearly a great addition to the festival programme.

Even if the shows benefited from the tightening (the show dedicated to Lise Dion no longer wants to end), the monologues highlight the complicity between comedians, and the rehearsal allows audiences, with 250 people per performance due to the pandemic, to tap into the new material.

For others, well-cooked will be served on the VRAI stand later this fall.