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Education professionals go on a "mysterious strike" on May 19

Education professionals go on a “mysterious strike” on May 19

About 10,000 education professionals, members of the Federation of Education Professionals of Quebec (FPPE-CSQ), will be in a “mysterious strike” on May 19.

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The FPPE-CSQ announced Friday that schools across Quebec will be closed by picket lines on May 19. However, the federation did not specify the exact locations and intends to keep a secret until D-Day.

The “mysterious blow” will happen in the morning and will last for half a day. This second mobilization sequence is part of the five-day strike mandate voted by FPPE-CSQ members.

Remember, education professionals demand a better salary estimate for all players in the school network.

By choosing to make salary adjustments that target only the group of teachers, the government weakens the education network as a whole and creates tensions in work teams. A deep sense of injustice is spreading and a wind of fierce discontent is blowing among the professional staff. By doing this to solve the shortage problem, the government creates another problem among professionals, and it has equally devastating consequences for students. Let’s be clear: teachers deserve a pay increase. Let’s be clearer: the pros deserve no less, ‚ÄĚstated FPPE-CSQ President, Jack Landry.

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