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Editing content according to Elon Musk

Editing content according to Elon Musk

So Elon Musk will restore the banned account of Donald Trump on Twitter if his consent to the takeover of the social network is concluded. But how long can the ex-boss tweet before he gets suspended again, this time temporarily, if he accepts the offer of the Tesla and SpaceX boss to reunite with his more than 80 million followers? Under the blue bird sign? The question arises after Musk’s comments regarding his perceived moderation.

In the past, Musk has said he intends to limit Twitter to what governments consider explicitly illegal, without going further. However, this afternoon he acknowledged that there could be a wide range of objectionable content that he would like Twitter to take action against, according to a report from CNN. In addition to illegal content, he identified two other categories of content that could be subject to penalties: “world-destroying” and “bad and wrong” speech.

“If they said something illegal or just world-destroying,” Musk said, “maybe there should be a timeout, a temporary hold, or that particular tweet should be invisible or have a very limited impact. And to add: I think if some of the tweets are wrong. And bad, they should be deleted or made invisible, and suspension, temporary suspension is appropriate, but not permanent ban.”

How can this policy of moderation not apply so quickly to Donald Trump, who won’t hesitate to scream censorship after Twitter deletes one of his “wrong or bad” tweets?

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