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Ed Sheeran at the concert closing jubilee celebrations

Ed Sheeran at the concert closing jubilee celebrations

British star Ed Sheeran will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign in June, at the end of a historic parade to pay tribute to the King and the diversity of the British people, organizers announced. A view of Mars.

According to organizers, the “once in a lifetime” parade will take place on the streets of London on June 5 and will be the focal point of the four – day celebrations planned for the Queen’s Platinum Festival.

The parade, which began with the ringing of the bells of Westminster Abbey, will take place three kilometers from Buckingham Palace, where Ed Sheeran will pay homage to the 96 – year – old monarch.

The British singer, described by the organizers as a “national treasure”, said he was “proud to be a part of the celebrations”.

The event will feature a total of 10,000 athletes, artists and volunteers of all kinds, broadcast on television around the world and, according to estimates, one billion people.

“This is something unique. In our history, we have never had the opportunity to celebrate 70 years of rule,” exclaims Adrian Evans, the march’s moderator.

In 2012, after organizing a major sea parade on the River Thames for the Diamond Jubilee, it decided to return to dry land this year and place the public at the heart of its “People’s Parade”, a tribute to seven decades of British rule. Culture.

“I wanted to find a way to allow everyone to participate so that every community in the UK could play a role and participate in the celebrations in their own way,” he told AFP.

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Aerial show, music of all styles, street-art, dance, street drama … “I created a parade that combines different styles of art shows and celebrations. Together they tell the story of the Queen’s reign”.

But will the king attend the parade dedicated to her? Let’s see her on the balcony at the end of the parade, the public must attack the huge Esplanade at the entrance to the palace, and her favorite Korkis dogs will be waiting for her.

“We are in touch with the royal family about the involvement of all members of the royal family. Details will be released in due course,” said Rosanna Machado, managing director of the parade.

Elizabeth II has largely withdrawn from public life due to problems related to the movement. His appearance has become very rare since he was admitted to the hospital in October, but he attended a religious ceremony in memory of Prince Philip at the end of March, after which he returned to the public after several months of absence.