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Ed Sheeran, American Awards Nights Critic

Ed Sheeran, American Awards Nights Critic

He was invited on Sunday to the MTV Video Music Awards, where on Tuesday Ed Sheeran shared, unfiltered, his opinion of these award ceremonies.

Conservative and humble in life, Ed Sheeran is not at all comfortable when he is invited to the awards gala in the United States. The British singer-songwriter was present at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, and spoke about his experience. Tuesday’s request in “Julia Show” on Audacy, a radio and podcast platform, share his feelings, without filtering. Comparing these evenings to those organized in the UK, he explained that he was “uncomfortable” during American festivities. “The room is full of resentment and hatred towards each other, and that makes you uncomfortable,” he commented.

“All artists are likeable people, but they are surrounded by people who want them to win, you see an artist surrounded by ten people and another artist surrounded by ten other people and everyone looks at each other,” he commented. He explained that he was not talking specifically about the MTV Video Music Awards, but about the general atmosphere on these evenings. “It’s the same with everyone else, the Billboards, the Grammys, the American Music Awards… they’re all full of people waiting to miss the others, and I don’t like that.” “People have the same feeling that they felt during all these festivities. I talk to them, and they’re like, ‘I feel really depressed after this is over.’ “I always leave these moments feeling sad, and I don’t like it.

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Ed Sheeran, a member of the OBE, said these types of celebrations in England were more relaxed. “With us, there we are, everyone is an alcoholic, no one really cares who wins or loses, it’s just a good night to have fun.”

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