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Easy-to-open packaging and new logo: Renewed Kraft Cheese Slices

The packaging of Kraft Singles Cheese Slices has undergone a transformation from the ground up to address the most common consumer complaint, “The clear wrapper cannot be opened easily,” according to the company.

CNN reported Tuesday that difficulty accessing the cheese content of Kraft Singles packaging, a real headache for consumers who would have criticized the product for this reason, would have led to the first packaging redesign in five years.

Thus, a new, more textured flap as well as a more robust material would make it easier to open the product.

By the way, the company took the opportunity to redesign the logo and change the general appearance of the product, in order to make it more attractive on the shelves and give it a more “modern” look, noted the analyst and general manager at GlobalData. , Neil Saunders, who says he’s seen a decline in the product over the past decade.

“There is a general perception that single slices of processed cheese are artificial and don’t taste good. Kraft Singles also don’t connect well with young people.”

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