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Easily optimize and customize Windows with this free and highly comprehensive software

Easily optimize and customize Windows with this free and highly comprehensive software

It is not always easy to find the right settings in Windows to adapt the system to your tastes and needs. This free and lightweight software should greatly simplify your task.

Like all operating systems, Windows comes with a set of tweaks that should meet the needs of most users. But these default settings are not always the best fit for each person's specific needs, and it is often necessary to spend some time adjusting them to find the configuration that works for you. Microsoft's operating system, of course, allows you to modify many elements of its interface and operation, but the options are often scattered among different menus and require some tweaking to even touch deep system settings, such as the registry.

There are many tools to make it easier to configure, optimize, and customize Windows, such as Glary Utilities, Winaero Tweaker, or WinClean, each offering a specific approach and set of functions. Among this multitude of offerings, there is one program that is particularly complete and easy to use, for both beginners and Windows veterans.

Developed by Paras Sidhu on behalf of The Windows Club, a dedicated community site very interested in topics surrounding Microsoft's operating system and software Ultimate Windows 5.1 software (UWT) brings together more than 200 different options, settings, and tweaks for Windows 10 and 11.

UWT is particularly light and weighs only 219 KB, and is a portable program that does not require installation and can therefore be run directly from removable media such as a simple USB key. Although it is only and completely in English, its simplified and optimized interface makes it easy to use: all available settings are grouped under thematic tabs, such as Personalization, performance or Security and privacyAdjustments are made via checkboxes or simple sliders to navigate the sliders. For example, it is possible to easily modify the size of the taskbar icons as well as the spacing between them.

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Many other tweaks and improvements are available, such as changing the default drag-and-drop behavior in File Explorer, disabling several unnecessary background services to speed up your computer, or even customizing the context menu by adding additional items and actions. Since the program is well implemented, it strongly encourages you to create system restore points on a regular basis, thanks to the button located at the bottom left of all pages of the application, so that you can easily return in case a modification error occurs that would lead to undesirable effects. Expected and unwanted.