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Early spring: major financial losses for winter sports

Early spring: major financial losses for winter sports

We are far from having a frigid winter, and the beginning of March has broken heat records everywhere across Quebec. This is the worst-case scenario for winter sports entrepreneurs who have the rug pulled out from under them and end the season losing tens of thousands of dollars.

Puddles, mud, patches of exposed grass… March feels like late spring. The worst imaginable conditions for practicing winter sports and attracting mountain athletes.

“It's the worst. We opened two weeks later, and closed two weeks early. We lost four weeks in total. For spring break, the loss is between $5,000 and $6,000 a day. It's 40% of My winter sales.

At Domaine enchanteur, the ski season ended last Sunday. For good reason, as there is more than ten millimeters of water on the ice. Currently, the place only offers visiting, feeding the animals and walking the trails.

Sites are deserted, traffic is opposite to usual holiday periods. “On Monday, we had about 35 people. On Tuesday, we had 12 people. It's quiet today, and we haven't had anyone yet,” explained Genevieve Vincent, receptionist at the charming Domaine Hotel. The Val-Mauricie outdoor resort also wrapped up its season last Sunday with an unfortunate record of 58 visitors.

Same observation: At Vallée du Parc ski resort, there is 50% less traffic on spring break than last year. The only valley that seems to be in good condition is the Rukanigan Valley, although it still retains its white carpet. “We still have a good 30 cm on the trails. The new frost will restart the season. On March 31, we can go all the way to the end,” explained local president Ivan Gelinas.

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From one site to another, all managers say the same thing. Business plans and seasonal schedules should be reviewed, as they anticipate other up and down seasons.