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EA Sports FC remplace FIFA

EA agreed to change the name

Last year, a few days after the release of FIFA 22, we learned that Electronic Arts was seriously considering splitting from FIFA and change the name From the famous football game. A decision that appears to have been taken after many disagreements (including financial) with FIFA.

An announcement that caused quite a stir with anxious players, who didn’t want to lose out on what made FIFA magic: its generous content and official licenses. Electronic Arts didn’t take long to react and reassure everyone by noting that the goal was Just change the namenothing else.

However, after the first waves in October 2021, rumors about a name change died down which made us believe that Electronic Arts had changed its mind. Actually, not really, the American publisher has just given the green light to change the title of the iconic football game.

This is EA Sports Football Club


“EA Sports Football Club, EA Sports FC, that’s the name of the game.” This is the statement of journalist Jeff Group, who said in his special program: Groupsnacks That the American publisher gave the green light to change the name of the legendary FIFA license.

I saw trademarks for it, I thought it might just be a feature like online mode, and I asked about it, that’s it, that’s the name […] They are ready to move forward […] We should hear about it here very soon.

Jeff Group

Usually, FIFA games are announced in June or July during EA Play. This year, Electronic Arts will not be introducing a new version of EA Play, so they could reveal very soon (as of April?) the upcoming EA Sports Football Club.

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However, according to VGC sources, Electronic Arts have lobbied FIFA to name their next game FIFA 23 whose rights expire in November ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. From next year, the game should bear the name EA Sports Football Club.

So business to follow, one thing is for sure, the days of FIFA licensing in EA Sports are now numbered.