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E3 2021: Metal Slug Tactics, a new type of license! Check out Summer Game Fest 2021 promo – #E3ConsoleFun

Dotemo And the Games Studio, in partnership with SNKThey are now taking advantage of Summer Game Festival 2021 to announce Metal Slug TacticsThis time, the wildly iconic series takes place on a network, for more tactical combat than usual on PC via Steam.

Metal Slug Tactics see back Marco, Erie, Fio et Tarma in controls Al Shaheen Band An all-new battlefield offering fierce and dynamic combat, but also eminently strategic. These daredevils take advantage of the premium arsenal of licensing, as well as take advantage of skill trees, perks, and a super adrenaline system that boosts their attacks to bypass and demolish enemy ranks, including some of the famous bosses from franchise fans. Discover the heroes of Metal Slug Tactics returning to the front lines with this ad show:

Levels are arrangements of different, handcrafted terrain tiles, for a challenge that is meant to be diverse and specifically addressed. Metal Slug Tactics It benefits from bitter, unpredictable combat that requires a sharp tactical feel more than good memorization of game situations. Too rebellious or the boss has become stronger than expected, the game restarts in an instant to give you a new opportunity.

Tense clashes powered by active combinations of T Lopez, known among others for his work on Sonic Mania, League of Legends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Mr. X Nightmare DLC from Streets of Rage 4.

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