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E-Game: First for Australia

For the first time, an Oceanian team is participating in the second round of the League of Legends tournament. Descriptions.

Since 2011, the video game League of Legends It has a regular championship and many international competitions in many regions of the world. A regular season is divided into two separate parts, which are called regions, one called “spring” and the other “summer.”

It’s the end of the first section, spring, that MSI, The Interim Invitation From League of Legends, As its name implies, invites every regional champion (Europe, North America, China, Korea, Brazil, Turkey And Oceania With others) to compete with each other.

A small Australian hit

In the four years of participation, Oceania She has never been able to go beyond the team levels of the competition and is often expelled by stronger opponents than her. But this year, the scene is different, for the first time, an Australian team has qualified for the rest of the tournament.

Became champion of the Oceania League, Pentanet.GG, A group Pentate, An Internet service provider Perth, So even the first team From Oceania Reach the second stage of the competition. A tough win against the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up, Winner of the competition in 2018. But the Australians were able to make more progress than the Russians Unicorn of love, An excellent performance that allows you to go to a new challenge: to go as far as possible, in a competition, its difficulty will increase further in the coming days.