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DZfoot List for CAN (3/3)

DZfoot List for CAN (3/3)

And while the picks for their roster for the Africa Cup of Nations and Djamel Belmadi’s roster haven’t been revealed, Team DZfoot has experimented with the name-choice game.

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The pressure continues! With less than two weeks before the start of the African Cup of Nations, and a few days before the two friendlies that the national team will play against Ghana and Gambia, the atmosphere of international tournaments is already being felt.

The Greens will face Djamel Belmadi, who just won the Arab Cup thanks to “A”, in Group E, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire and Equatorial Guinea. For the event, the coach is entitled to 28 names, as the coronavirus pandemic requires.

While waiting for the official roster to be published, the DZfoot editorial team tried 28 Names…and as far as they say it’s not easy! After goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders, now is the time to choose our forwards for the final stage of the Africa Cup of Nations.


When it comes to choosing strikers for our national team, the DZfoot editorial team preferred to divide players into three categories: right winger – left winger – best attackers.

right wing

Much is not an epidemic! When it came to the search for a right winger who could play for Algeria, 10 names were considered. However, it wasn’t too difficult to decide, like Riyad Mahrez, the indisputable captain and holder, seemed obvious. Adam OnasMeanwhile, this super sub-profile has the ability to alter the course of a match for more than 20 minutes. Both would be unanimous within our team.

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This is unfortunately not the case withoff. Rémois, the New International (one head), is an element of the future and some saw it as such. Another profile was finally preferred over another job. from his side, El Arbi Hilal Soudani Bad Arab Cup pushes him, the former Dinamo Zagreb striker is clearly in a state of decline. Tayeb Meziani, Although he is better than Al-Sudani during the last event organized in Qatar, he suffers from the competition of the duo Mahrez – Unas. finally, Mehdi ZerkaneAnd Farid El MelaliAnd Houssem Eddine GhachaAnd professional knight where Zinedine Butmin Everything seemed to be far from adequate in English for various reasons.

left wing

On the left, too, the competition is fierce. 7 names were pre-selected, and finally, 3 of them appeared in our list. Obviously the first is Youssef Balali, an indisputable holder of English and methodically decisive (or excellent in the game). at his side, Said bin Rahma Imposing himself, he is one of the players that Djamel Belmadi appreciates and who seems to have reached a milestone this season. Finally, and this is a surprise that would have been unimaginable a month ago, Yassin Ibrahimi Is retained. The former FC Porto player is favored by the Arab Premier League (best player of the tournament, 3 goals and 2 assists), obviously, but also by his profile, it is he who can also play in the number 10, the false number 9 or the right wing. Finally, the possibility to choose 28 names, instead of the usual 23, is in its favour.

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This is unfortunately not the case with Rashid Ghazal. He caught fire last season, and excellent when he featured in the England Championship in March, the former Lyon player has been more conservative this season. He suffers from intense competition for the wings as a Zinedine Farhat He suffers from a lack of transfer last summer, which has barely prompted him to play for Nimes this season. Karim Zedadka, meanwhile, is still very young and Julian Lopez It does not seem to us to the required level.

Latest attackers

11 names were considered, 3 retained to complete the list of 28… and there was no real debate. Baghdad Bounedjah And Islam Soleimani | They are the two main strikers for Algeria during the reign of Djamel Belmadi, and their performance in selection makes them essential, without special preference to determine the title holders. It also happened regularly that they play together in a 4-4-2 super attack that their coach draws from time to time. Besides them, a selection was made for a different and very promising profile for the future, namely Mohamed Amora whom Djamel Belmadi has contacted regularly since moving to Switzerland.

Among the players who were not selected, Isaac Belvodel Personality in good standing. The former Inter Milan player is returning very well this season in the Bundesliga, but he suffers from his profile which is very similar to that of Bounedjah and Slimani. This is also the case, to a lesser extent, fromIdriss Saadi Who is having a good season in Bastia. Oussama DarfalouAnd Karim Aribi where Zakaria Naidji It does not seem to us, at present, at the level expected. Billel Omrani He, despite his foot pleas, is also far from a choice. Finally, no editor considered it necessary to go out of their way to remember Andy Delort Persuading him to compete in the CAN, Nice is not considered essential and his presence potentially detrimental to the group’s atmosphere.

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That’s the end of the DZfoot list! We invite you to respond to our 28 names, to comment on them, to criticize them, to tell us if you have made any changes, and finally, to submit your list yourself. Long live the discussion!