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Dune starts strong at the European box office

Dune starts strong at the European box office

One month before its launch in Quebec, Dune It makes movie lovers run in Europe. A new science fiction film by director Denis Villeneuve was released last week in several European countries, and has already raised nearly $38 million at the global box office.

According to the specialist website Deadline Hollywood, the first box office results exceeded the expectations of experts. They actually expected that receipts Dune It hovered around $25 million at the end of its first weekend of operation in 24 international markets. But it seems that the hype and the very positive reviews were able to convince moviegoers to come to see the film in droves.

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In Russia Dune He’s had the most success so far. Villeneuve’s new feature film grossed more than $7.6 million in three days, breaking the record for the best debut for a film released in September (which a horror movie holds so far). It’s: Chapter 2). Dune They also made a splash in their careers in France ($7.5 million), Germany ($4.9 million), Italy ($2.6 million) and Taiwan ($1.2 million).

These first results at the global box office are very encouraging for the future. Remember that Denis Villeneuve has approached this new adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic as a diptych and is waiting for the go-ahead from Warner Bros. studio. To be able to shoot the rest of the movie.

The Hollywood studio has already indicated that it wants to evaluate box office results before the second half of Dune.

The biggest box office test is sure to come when it launches in North America on October 22nd. It’s also on this date Dune It will finally appear on the screens of Quebec.

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