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Duncan Keith is expected to be traded this summer

Duncan Keith is expected to be traded this summer

Although he slowed down a lot, many will remember Duncan Keith as one of the best defenders in the NHL during the 2010s. He and partner Brent Seabrook formed an exceptional duo that helped the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup three times.

Now it is Oh really Harder on Keith for a while. Did Seabrook’s decline speed up his plan? It is possible, but perhaps we should look no further than the age, which will turn 38 in just two weeks.

Now that the Blackhawks have their sights set on the future, a guy like Keith doesn’t really belong. It takes up too much space in the team payroll and above all takes up a place in the defensive team that a youngster from the organization could occupy.

Maybe that’s (in part, at least) that’s why Elliot Friedman mentioned earlier that Black Hawk is currently working on a deal that includes Keith.

According to Friedman, the organization will work with Keith to find a new team he would like to join. It’s clearly a way of working with the immobility clause in mind, but it’s also a sign of respect for one of the greats of the organization.

L ‘from the inside Sportsnet also adds that you can expect Keith to pack his bags for western Canada or the northwestern United States on the Pacific Coast.

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This mainly includes Oilers, Flames, Canucks or Kraken. It’s possible that Airplanes will be considered, given that Keith was born in Winnipeg (but grew up in Ontario).

A journalist covering Canucks’ activities suspects the team is interested in him as Quinn Hughes and Elias Peterson will have to sign new agreements and the team is not ready to compete.. However, he thinks the Oilers might be his best chance of winning another Stanley Cup, but if he wants to be a captain for a few years, he might be interested in being the men’s captain in Seattle.

Keith and Blackhawks are expected to end their long union this summer. It remains to be seen only what outfit the defender will wear next season, as well as whether Chicago should keep some of his salary, get a big one in return, or choose a draft (or young prospect) to send Keith under another sky.

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