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Duel comparison: Dreame F9 vs Realme TechLife

Duel comparison: Dreame F9 vs Realme TechLife

The big difference between the two robots lies in their navigation systems, and especially in the tools they have to implement them. While there is a laser rangefinder on Realme, the Dreame F9 adopts a slightly less accurate solution where the camera faces the ceiling. However, none of them showed any difficulty in finding their directions in space.

They work the same way, starting with going around rooms before crossing them in a zigzag. We notice more differences in obstacle management, although there are additional sensors on the turret and below our two forces to identify them.

Reame handles obstacles well. Climbing chair legs, door sills and thick carpets. He even managed to get off the legs of chairs and tables without swallowing nearby electrical wires. Returning to his base, he loses a bit of speed and may then find himself under the rug.

The Dreame also does not struggle with obstacles in front of him. Passes on thick carpets, door sills, cross-legged chair legs and even under curtains – exceptionally well in our tests! On the other hand, it holds fine cables and small things like slippers. Unfortunately, you will then have to help him get out of the trap, which is obviously impossible to do at a distance.

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