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Drouin has to "get dirty his nose."

Drouin has to “get dirty his nose.”

Proponents might blame Jonathan Darwin for being the source of the ten plagues in Egypt, and they wouldn’t be able to blame him for not defying the storm.

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For the third time in several weeks, the Quebec striker (one of the only forwards in the squad) participated in an automatic clotting session in order.

Unlike the captain refusing to admit a loss, Drouin admitted he had to do more to help the Canadian, whose attack had continued for ten matches.

“We need to pollute our noses and create circulation. It is also up to me to find a place in front of the net,” he said, echoing what his critics are criticizing for it, and not without reason.

“It’s not easy. Playing in the NHL is not easy. We have been here, so we know it. The opponent is making your life difficult. But you have to fight, pass. For me, that means contaminating your nose.”

It is also believed by many that Darwin is constantly receiving the unconditional exemption from Dominic Ducharme for the services rendered, while the former plays orders from the second in the junior ranks, with Halifax Musheads.

Apparently, it is. Especially when you feel him shy criticizing his game, preferring to include his flaws in the team’s faults.

“Going online is something Joe has to do a lot,” he admitted before continuing.

“But I have lines in my mind where he had chances near the goalkeeper, but it didn’t work. Either the disc didn’t come, the jump came on the wrong side. But we have to give ourselves more chances here. It’s good for him, he’s good. To others. ”

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With Staal and Berry

However, we should probably view it as a coach’s refusal to add a class knowing that they are already too many to persevere with his attacker’s cause. If he didn’t help him, who would?

Ducharme, however, made the decision to demote Drwin to Unit 4, to the left of Eric Stahl and Corey Perry.

“He will play with two experienced players who can create a lot of attacks. We are looking for a way to have four lines that have connections,” explained the Canadians coach.

Things to prove

Ducharme clearly wants to revive Drouin, who has only collected two assists in his last 12 matches. This does not prevent the interested party from understanding that getting out of poverty begins with self-commitment.

“These are two experienced players. Two men won the Stanley Cup. It doesn’t matter what line I use, it’s my turn to play hockey. I’m no longer 19 or 20, I can play with anyone. It’s up to me to prove it.”

Darwin fell on Unit 4, which does not prevent him from continuing to hold position on one of the two waves of the Energy Play. This massive attack has scored only two goals on 33 occasions (6%) in the last 12 fights.

“We’re having a hard time getting into the opponent’s area, staying there and controlling the disc. In a power game, what you want is to at least create something good for the team. Currently, massive attacking spoils what we do with five to five.”

It does not help with production.

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Drouin has only scored two goals since the start of the season, something he hasn’t been able to do in his last 25 matches. Of course, this is not enough for a striker who was expecting at least twenty goals.

Another column to the right

Despite his problems hitting the net, he is ranked fifth among the Canadian goalscorers with 23 points. Which led him to tell an English-speaking colleague, whom the lack of 25 matches indicated, “There’s another column on the right. [celle des passes]If you wanna take a look. “