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Dreame H11 Max floor washer test: the nightmare of covered spots?

Dreame H11 Max floor washer test: the nightmare of covered spots?

Our protocol consists of trying to remove four types of stains: oil, sweet drink, lipstick, carbon mixed with water (to simulate soot, a black, greasy spot that sticks). The results obtained with the H11 Max turned out to be slightly more disappointing than those for the FC 5 from Kärcher.

In particular, it took 3 round trips to completely erase the traces of well-drained and well-covered soda on the ground, while it only took one for Kärcher. The oil stain turned out to be less stubborn, completely disappearing after “only” two trips.

As was the case with the Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean, the carbon mixed with water leaves a very discreet trace, but fades after 6 round trips. As for the lipstick marks, they are still a little visible after 20+ round trips of the rollers and we had to scrub the floor hard by hand to wipe them out completely.

Thus, the washing performance is good, but remains below the level of motorized floor cleaners from Kärcher. On the other hand, we found absolutely no complaints about the performance of the H11 Max when it sucks up liquids, sauces or eggs. He was able to clean the floors without any difficulty, provided that the stains did not have time to dry – and thus become firmly established – on the floor.

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