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Draw: Jean Lapointe becomes mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Lille d'Orléans

Draw: Jean Lapointe becomes mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Lille d’Orléans

The winner was chosen at random, as stipulated by the Law on Respect for Elections and Referendums in Municipalities. The two names were put in Judge Christian Putin’s hat to then proceed to the tie.

On election night, Jean Lapointe was first declared the winner with one vote in advance, but a tie was declared after a recount of votes ended on Tuesday afternoon.

The ballot that initially flipped the balance was rejected on the initial count. The voter circles the white circle usually indicated by choice. However, the pencil line was quite visible despite the black background of the ballot and the judge granted that vote to Jean-Claude Beaulieu, bringing about equality.

Jean-Claude Beaulieu asks Quebec court for permission to recount after losing his election by one vote

Photo: Radio Canada

The opportunity finally gave victory to Jeanne Lapointe, just over two weeks after election night.

Being elected mayor or chancellor by chance is really funny to meHe told the court, somewhat surprised when he became mayor after having his name pulled from a hat.

He will now have to work on persuading the five advisors from his opponent’s team to work with him, since Jean Lapointe has elected only one advisor from his team.

The elections are over. Chicana finished. There we will have to work in a team spirit for the good of the municipality and for the benefit of the citizens.

With information from Felix Morissette Beaulieu