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Dragon Age 4: A scheduled release for 2023?

Dragon Age 4: A scheduled release for 2023?

Earlier this month, when BioWare announced that Dragon Age 4 is said to be missing from EA Play Live July, license fans got a real cold shower. In fact, many feared that this absence meant that The game was still very far from its release إطلاق. Even if since then BioWare wanted to reassure gamers, doubt was still present. This time, a rumor from sources close to BioWare suggests this might happen حدوث Dragon Age 4 was released in 2023. So of course, if the rumors turn out to be true, we’ll have to wait a little longer before playing DA4, but at least we shouldn’t. Wait as long as Elder Scrolls VI.

Dragon Age 4 could be released in 2023 – Credit(s): BioWare

Information sent by VentureBeatconfirm it The studio is moving fast on the development of Dragon Age 4 and therefore could release the game in 2023As planned by Electronics Arts (the publisher) in 2019. Be careful, since this leak has not been confirmed, we must treat the news with caution. However, for now, we hope that BioWare can meet the deadlines and release the title on time. Reminder, The game was revealed over two years ago Now then, a release in 2023 won’t be entirely an anomaly.

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