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Drag queens, Chinese interference, the right to speak: we must stop the inconsistencies and absurdities of our daily lives

We like to think that society is progressing. We are told that today we are more developed, wiser, and more virtuous than previous generations. But reading the news is enough to understand that reality often contradicts the vocabulary used to describe it.


We commend fairness and transparency in politics, but we will not have the right to a public investigation of Chinese interference in the electoral process. It was David Johnson, an “independent” rapporteur and friend of the Trudeau family, who decided.

We praise democracy, but we know that Fran├žois Legault limits the freedom of speech of his deputies.

We enthusiastically accept drag queens’ involvement in the education of young children, but we ban religious symbols for fear that the sash could become a tool of indoctrination.

In the name of tolerance, men posing as women are allowed to infiltrate women’s pageants and thus destroy the efforts and hopes of biological women.

We say we are supportive and humane, but 27% of Canadians agree to offer euthanasia on the grounds of “poverty,” and 20% would agree to it, whatever the reason. On the other hand, we put up with the lack of palliative care.

We celebrate the concept of gender identity, but we are gradually erasing history and, by definition, everything that constitutes a people’s identity.

We are told to believe in science, but Ottawa supports an academic movement whose goal is to “decolonize” the hard sciences and introduce relativity into them.


These contradictions and absurdities flood our daily lives. But nobody reacts. Like zombies, we obey the craziest okzas without questioning their validity. Did we lose our minds then? One thing is for sure, unless we revive our common sense and dust off our moral compass to stop the decline, the future bodes very poorly!

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