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Draft: Alex Burroughs reveals important information

Draft: Alex Burroughs reveals important information

Alex Burroughs breathed a sigh of relief when Martin St. Louis was confirmed as head coach for the Canadians and indicated his desire to keep his assistants.

At least that’s what he said in an interview with Jean-Charles Lagoy on Friday.

“I am really happy. We can see where the new organization wants to go. They want to continue to grow our young players and develop as much as possible to be successful for several seasons. Martin is emotional. He is really good with the team and the young players. Keep learning with him to help the Montreal Canadiens. Winning the Stanley Cup is fantastic for me. I can’t wait to start over in September.”

Until then, the former Canucks and Senators player is closely following everything that happens in relation to the draft that will be presented in Montreal in just under a month.

“I love this. I would do everything to be there. I remember the last game in Montreal. I had arranged for it to come in the Canucks dressing room. With the first pick, there should be electricity in the air this year. It will be very exciting. Regardless of the player Who will be chosen, I am sure he will be an excellent player who will help us in the future.

The Canadian assistant coach has also done his part to find out more about the player who will likely have a chance to train him at the upcoming training camp.

“I watched Juraj Slafkovsky a little bit in the World Championships, but I didn’t watch it as much detail as the Scouts. I watched Shane Wright in the OHL Qualifiers quite a bit too, and I did the same with Logan Cooley. I imagine he would be one of those three players. They seem to be on every list. Scouts. Either way, he’ll be a great player that we’ll be drafting and I’m looking forward to working with him in September.”

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Burroughs also wanted to take the opportunity to offer his support to former teammate Joel Bouchard who was recently fired by the Anaheim Ducks.

He was going to Florida to go fishing and let the dust settle. He should be back in the next few days. He seemed to be fine, but we didn’t go into details. I can’t wait to see him again and go to dinner with him for more news. I’m not worried, There are a lot of positions open now in the National League and MLS. I’m sure he will be back on his feet and the team that will hire him will be happy to have him.

Watch the interview in the video above.