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Dozens of runaway cows, giant California rodeo

Dozens of runaway cows, giant California rodeo

About 40 cows survived Tuesday night from the slaughterhouse where their days were due to end, leading to police being called to the rescue at a long rodeo in the middle of a residential area in East Los Angeles.

Fleeing cattle roamed the small streets of Pico Rivera, sometimes hanging on lawns or crossing fences as shown in images broadcast on local television.

Screenshot / CNN

LAPD, aided by cavalry police officers sent to reinforce them, had to spend several hours regrouping them, trying to immobilize them at the end of a dead end, before evacuating them in cattle trucks.

In total, 38 of the 40 escaped cows were found by taking advantage of a slaughterhouse gate left open. One of them was still missing as of Wednesday morning.

The last cow died: No doubt frightened, it carried a family of four, causing some to fall to the ground, and a police officer opened fire on it, killing it “to prevent the family from suffering further injuries,” Sharif said. services.

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