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Downtown Montreal: Filling the Void with Visual Arts

Downtown Montreal: Filling the Void with Visual Arts

Downtown Montreal will provide 30 ephemeral workshops for about sixty artists in 22 buildings in the capital, starting Thursday.

Each room will be shared by two artists. The initiative aims to educate visitors about contemporary art, but also to support the arts community and living in buildings left behind by the pandemic.

Art Souterrain’s general manager, Frédéric Loury, explained: “Art Souterrain wanted to propose a networking project that could meet the ongoing need for vacant buildings for emerging artists and support the revitalization of commercial spaces in the great city centre.”

In front of each room, works will be displayed, and in the back, the audience will have access to the space where artists create their works. The idea is “Create bridges [et] To invest in startups, as we do regularly, for example in the new technologies sector,” added Frederic Lowry.

For Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante, the bridge-building project connects the cultural world with the real estate world “to allow Montreal to recover quickly and emerge on the international stage.”

Approximately 25 activities will be offered from July 22 through October 15.

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